310 Shake Reviews

Looking for a new meal replacement shake to boost your health, your energy, and your athletic performance? There are certainly a lot to choose from, so how do you go about picking?

310 Shake from 310Nutrition, is a product that sets itself apart by being purely plant based, paleo, keto, non GMO, gluten free, and dairy free. Ultimately, that results in a shake that is “for everyone,” at least on paper. It’s also designed to be a weight loss aid, and a source of nutrition that can boost your overall health.

But does it work as a meal replacement? Is it good value for money? And do you really need a gluten free shake to begin with?

In this review, we will assess this meal replacement shake for the following factors:

  • Protein source
  • Bioavailability
  • Nutrient source
  • Weight loss aid
  • “Free-from”
  • Taste and value

We’ll then have a quick recap of the pros and cons to summarize.

Let’s get stuck in.

What to Look for in a Meal Shake

Before we dive right in, let’s first assess what precisely you should be looking for when you choose a meal shake – and whether this product can meet those criteria.

Firstly, a good meal shake should provide a high quantity of bioavailable protein. The reason we consume additional protein through a shake, is to help support the repair of tissue like muscle. During exercise, we actively “break down” our muscle through a process of microtears and metabolic stress. It’s only when we rest that our bodies are able to then draw upon stored amino acids from protein in order to rebuild that tissue. This is why we say that hypertrophy (a fancy word for muscle building) is “biphasic” and that optimum nutrition is crucial for growth. This is important for bodybuilders and weight lifters, but it’s also important for anyone trying to get into shape with a gym workout – even if their focus is losing weight.

Because protein is “thermogenic,” it actually burns calories when you consume it. Protein is also less easily stored as fat. And if you’re trying to “tone up,” then muscle is just as important as fat loss. This is especially true because muscle is metabolically active and helps to burn fat. So no, protein shake won’t make you into a hulk over night: rather it will make you toned, firm, and lean.

So how does this product deliver? On the protein front, it will provide 15g of protein per serving. This puts it at the lower end, with 20g being a very basic level for the average athletic protein shake. But with that being said, this likely isn’t intended for that audience, but is rather a shake for those looking to tone and lose weight. To that end, a 15g protein shake is likely more than sufficient, and especially where that shake is aimed at women.

The average recommendation for protein intake in order to build muscle is 1g of protein for every pound of body fat. With that in mind, a woman will very often need less protein than a man.

Not only that, but seeing as this is a meal replacement shake and not a protein shake, that lower amount is completely to be expected.

Bio Availability

The other consideration is bioavailability. That is to say, how readily usable the protein is for the body. In the case of a plant-based protein, this tends to be lower than for either egg-based protein shakes or whey. The reason for this, is that protein taken from plants is “less similar” in format than protein taken from animal sources.

When you consume protein, think of this as recycling the protein in your meals in order to make skin, bone, and muscle. The closer that protein is to animal tissue to begin with, the more easily the body can then convert and use it.

The other issue is that this shake is free from soy. While some people would rather avoid soy, you should keep in mind that soy is considered the only “complete” source of protein that you can get from non-animal sources. This means that it contains 100% of all the available essential amino acids.

Plant protein will therefore always be slightly inferior than whey protein – but keep in mind that this is not going to mean that you can’t still benefit from plant protein shakes like 310 Shake. The other great thing about 310 Shake in particular, is that the plant protein comes from numerous different sources. That means it’s still capable of delivering all the amino acids, and of being more bioavailable than it otherwise would be. This protein mix is a proprietary blend called Tri-Plex, which is one of the biggest plus points distinguishing 310 Shake.

The Tri-Plex formula is made from pea protein powder, brown rice protein, nd h-mp protein.

Additional Nutrition

The other great thing about 310 Shake is that the protein mix comes from real food. This is as opposed to the highly processed isolates and concentrates that you will normally use if you buy a store-bought whey protein shake. Again, this is a big difference between a protein shake and a meal shake – but even many meal shakes will use processed whey.

When you consume real food, that means you will get the natural balance of micro and macro nutrients. It means that it will contain the right amount of fat, fiber and water to naturallyenhance your absorption of that ingredient. When you consume a processed food, these are missing, and the absorption can be limited as a result.

This also means of course that you get a lot of additional nutrition from the shake – micronutrients such as minerals and vitamins. This shake therefore becomes not only a tool for building muscle, but one that can help to ensure you’re getting a good balance of “good stuff” to give you that healthy glow and energy.

Along with the natural micronutrients included in the shake, there are also those it has been fortified with – including vitamin E, A, magnesium, calcium, and potassium – each of which help to strengthen bones, immunity, and more.

On top of that is a “superfood” blend of greens, including kale, alfalfa juice powder, beet juice (fantastic as a vasodilator for lowering blood pressure), spirulina, spinach, broccoli, and more. You could write an entire article about the benefits of each of these.

The added probiotics are also fantastic and have the potential to significantly boost digestive health, immunity, mood, and more. Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that live in the gut and that produce numerous enzymes and chemicals to help assist the breakdown of foods and the formation of important brain neurochemistry.

You’ll also get 5g of fiber, which is excellent for boosting digestion, bowel movements, and blood pressure.

Gluten, Soy, and Dairy Free

Of course there is a reason that you would choose a non-soy protein to begin with – and that is because soy contains estrogenic compounds called isoflavones. While it’s not 100% proven that soy can cause feminization or hormone complications, it’s something that a lot of people are concerned about. The fact that 310 Shake avoids this potential drawback is therefore a huge bonus.

The lack of animal protein of course makes this suitable for vegans, as does the absence of whey.

As a gluten and dairy free product, this is also a great fit for those that are concerned about gluten sensitivity or that have been diagnosed with the condition. Keep in mind that the average consumer does not need to worry about gluten – the science does not yet suggest that it has negative affects on absorption of nutrients OR on digestion in general.

The same is true for dairy. There is currently something of a “trend” for people avoiding dairy who are not diagnosed as lactose intolerance. This is unnecessary, and you may find yourself paying more for a product that is less effective as a result.

Weight Loss

Finally, this product is also billed as a weight loss aid. With just 90 calories per serving, this could certainly accomplish that. The reliance on vegetables and greens rather than fruit also ensures that this product stays low in sugar.

Several ingredients are also marketed as being appetite suppressants. While some may act in this way to a degree, keep in mind that “pea protein” is not particularly known for increased the satiety hormone leptin. You might find that you’re still a little hungry come lunch.

Taste, Price, and Conclusions

The good news is that this product is delicious and mixes very well. You won’t mind having this for breakfast OR lunch, though as mentioned you might still feel a little unsatisfied after just 90 calories. A bit of will-power will be required!


  • Excellent source of nutrients from plant proteins, fortified minerals and vitamins, and super foods
  • 15g of protein in 90 calories is an excellent ratio
  • Safe for vegans, Celiacs, lactose intolerant…
  • Extremely low in calories
  • Soy-free vegan alternative
  • Tastes great, mixes well
  • Made from real food
  • Includes probiotics


  • The average consumer does not need gluten or dairy free
  • Plant protein less bioavailable
  • As a proprietary blend, quantities of ingredients are not listed
  • May leave you hungry
  • “Weight loss” ingredients not scientifically backed

With all this in mind, 310 Shake is an excellent choice for vegans, celiacs, and anyone else not able to consume animal protein or dairy. It’s also an extremely good choice for those looking to lose weight – but only if they’re willing to use this as intended: as a replacement for a meal, rather than as an additional snack.

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