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After our son was diagnosed with asthma, I started to look around for any household cleaning products that could provide an alternative to the chemical-heavy ones we were currently using. I needed something that was as close to natural as possible while still being effective in terms of eradicating germs and getting rid of hard-to-clean stains.

A friend recommended Blueland cleaning products as a sustainable option that could actually clean and sanitize things properly.

Here’s how Blueland cleaning products worked when we tried it and some more essentials about the pros and cons of using it.

Environmentally-Friendly Cleaning Products

A lot of cleaning products available on the market are harsh or commonly trigger respiratory conditions in people who are already sensitive. A lot of these products contain chemicals like bleach, which is an instant bad reaction for a lot of people out there, including most of our household.

I found Blueland products because I was looking for something that was more environmentally friendly, both for the outside environment as a whole and for the environment within our home.

None of us had any reaction to using Blueland. I can’t say that for most other leading products available on the market – and we’ve replaced most of our other cleaning products with Blueland ones because of this.

It’s Compact – In Fact, It’s Dissolvable

Most cleaning products out there come in the form of a liquid, gel or powder. Blueland is probably one of the only cleaning products that you’ll find in the form of a tablet. It’s not as confusing as it sounds: Mix it in with water and you have your cleaning product. This is great because larger quantities of Blueland are far easier to store – and you can mix it together with water for the amount you need instead of risking cross-infection with refilling an old bottle.

Fully-Recyclable Packaging

Blueland also comes with fully-recyclable packaging. This is reassuring for anyone out there who needs to know that they aren’t doing any additional harm to the environment: It’s also convenient if you’re someone who uses a lot of cleaning products like a larger household (or a cleaning company, I’d imagine).

Mixes in with What You Have

Blueland tablets mix together with water, and it doesn’t matter what type of water you have. This doesn’t sound like a big deal, but most cleaning solutions out there have to be mixed with filtered water – especially industrial ones – for full-effectiveness. Blueland has put some more thought into creating an excellent product that can mix together with what you already have.

Won’t Trigger Respiratory Conditions

If you have any respiratory conditions or you’re naturally sensitive to cleaning products, switch to Blueland. We had no issues with Blueland where we’ve experienced allergic reactions or asthma attacks as a result of almost every other leading cleaning chemical available on the market.

Sure, it’s possible to make a natural cleaning mixture at home, but “herbal” cleaning blends never work as well as people say they’re going to.

Blueland doesn’t trigger respiratory conditions while you’re actively cleaning with it – and it won’t hit you straight in the face the moment you walk into the room like most other industrial cleaning chemicals.

Doesn’t Trigger Skin Allergies

My husband has extremely sensitive skin and every time he gets near dishwashing liquid or bleach, his skin gets itchy, irritated and starts to peel. This usually means an allergy to some or other ingredient in the product that he used to clean with – sometimes it’s bleach, other times it’s a colorant instead. Because you can never be sure just what ingredients trigger the reaction (and you can’t always wear protective gloves when you’re cleaning), we’re glad that we found Blueland products.

Even when directly working with Blueland cleaning products, none of us had any allergic skin reactions to it either.

A Whole Cleaning Range

One thing I love about the Blueland cleaning range is the fact that there are several available products. It’s not a one-purpose cleaning product – there are specific cleaning products for specific things. Use one for cleaning the oven and the other for cleaning the floor. Why is this important? Different types of dirt require different chemical reactions to lift the dust off.

Let Sit for Harder Stains

If you’re dealing with a stain that’s harder to clean (which is usually the case!), you can let Blueland cleaning products sit for a few seconds to a minute. This helps the stain to lift off the surface, meaning that you don’t need oodles of elbow grease in order to clean up the mess.

Won’t Eat Through Materials Underneath

A lot of cleaning products are really harsh – and they’re not just harsh on the people using them but also harsh on the surfaces they’re being used on. I’ve seen oven cleaners eat its way right through paint – and I’ve made the mistake of using the wrong type of cleaning products on a wooden floor. (Yes, that stain is still there.)

Blueland cleaning products have been designed to be harsh on stains without the need to be harsh on surfaces. That’s one more reason why we’re still using it to clean our home.

Doesn’t Leave Residues

A lot of cleaning chemicals leave behind slippery, sticky or oily residues after you’re done – and it just means that you have to keep washing the same surface with water all over again. Another great feature of Blueland cleaning materials is the fact that it doesn’t leave behind any weird residues or smells when you’re done.

Not a Strong Smell

Blueland products don’t have a strong or overpowering smell – and this is one part of why it’s one of the best cleaning products out there if you’re conscious about the environment and your health.

Effective Cleaners for the Household

A lot of alternative cleaning products you’ll find on the market haven’t been properly researched or formulated – and this means that they don’t work. Blueland turned out to be one of the most effective (and yet the least harsh) cleaning products we’ve tried: That’s why it sticks around and we’ve tossed away almost everything else.

Great for Serious Spills

Some spills can be hard to clean up. Whether we’re talking about grease that’s caked onto a surface or mildew that you can’t get rid of, Blueland cleaning products works great for cleaning up most of them. Usually this isn’t true for most other cleaning products on the market.

Even Cleans Oils

Oils and greasy stains are some of the hardest things to get rid of. You need a pretty harsh cleaner if you want to get rid of some types of dirt: And Blueland can still take hard of oils, greasy stains and other harder stains without the need to be harsh.

Product Pros:

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the product pros that make Blueland cleaning products great.

  • It’s an effective cleaner for many different types of stains.
    Most households are after a great all-purpose cleaning range that can clean up several different types of stains at once without being harsh. Blueland fits the bill, and it can clean up nearly anything – including things like oil stains or common calcium build-up stains in bathrooms.
  • It cleans without being harsh on people or surfaces.
    The majority of household cleaners on the market are extremely harsh and can have a bunch of side-effects for anyone with existing health conditions. Blueland products were one of the first ones we tried that isn’t harsh on the lungs, skin or environment.
  • It’s an environmentally sustainable cleaner.
    Blueland has received most of their publicity for their focus on being environmentally sustainable. I want to know that the cleaning chemicals I’m using in my household aren’t harsh for or dangerous to my family: Blueland gives me the peace of mind to know I’m using a safe, environmentally sustainable (yet effective) cleaner.

Product Cons:

Here are some of the product cons we found while using Blueland products.

  • A wider range of products should be available.
    There are a handful of cleaning products available in the Blueland cleaning range. It’s more than enough to cover most of your household cleaning needs, but I still would have liked to see them expand to contain a few more products – including, possibly, something that works just as well for washing fabrics.

  • The absence of spray bottles.
    If you want to use any of these cleaning products in a spray bottle, you’ll have to go out and purchase a spray bottle yourself. This is an issue because of the fact that the spray bottle is likely to be made out of regular plastic instead of the approved and sustainable containers made for use with Blueland.
  • Bulk options aren’t available yet.
    As a family, we go through a pretty large amount of cleaning chemicals in your average year – and I imagine that companies would need even larger amounts. There’s no bulk ordering option available just yet – and if there were an option to order more at a time for a discount, I’d definitely do it.
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