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Most of the people in my family have chronic snoring issues. I have way too many childhood memories of being kept awake by my father’s snoring – and I realized that I didn’t want to do the same torturous thing for my family.

When my wife woke me up one morning and told me I was snoring heavily in my sleep, I immediately made an appointment with my doctor for a few days later.

He recommended that I give a device called the Clipple a try. We wouldn’t need to try medication or surgery if this worked, and I was willing to give it a shot.

Here’s what I thought about the Clipple and how it might help health conditions that cause snoring.

Corrects the Most Common Snoring Cause

Snoring isn’t just something that annoys those around you: It could also point to serious health issues, usually ones that go together with your breathing. Sometimes sleeping on your back can trigger snoring, other times sinus issues or nasal problems are the likely cause.

The Clipple can correct the most common snoring causes by opening up the nostrils and ensuring smooth, fluid breathing throughout the night.

It Fits Most People

There are many health “devices” that claim to be a fit-all kind of product, but don’t fit you the right way when you buy one. This is common with braces, and can be common for products like masks and any nasal attachments too.

One of the best things about the Clipple is the fact that it fits most people: Whether you have a smaller nose or larger one, the Clipple attaches comfortably – and holds itself in place for however long you need to wear it for.

It’s a Drug Free, Nonsurgical Fix

My doctor said that if we didn’t achieve success with the first few treatment options, we might have to look at other surgical options first – or I might have to go on medication to treat my snoring instead. I’m glad to say several months later that surgery was never necessary and the Clipple was enough to fix my chronic snoring.

It’s great if you prefer to try a drug free, nonsurgical fix first: You might be glad to find out that it works well for you if you just go ahead and give it a try.

Helps with Breathing During the Night

Breathing problems are one of the most common snoring triggers: If you’re lying on your back, have a blocked nose (or a blocked sinus airway, common for many people from birth), snoring is often the body’s first natural step from there.

If you’re struggling to breathe at night, snoring is the sound of your airways vibrating. (Yes, this is why some snores are deeper than others, or why some sound like they’re coming from the throat or the nose respectively.)

It doesn’t seem like such a small device should be able to make such a big difference to your health, but again, you could be very surprised at how much of a difference Clipple can make.

If you’re struggling to breathe during the night and it’s leading to nights spent snoring, try the Clipple and see your doctor if your symptoms don’t immediately change for the better.

Won’t Set Off Allergies

There are many breathing masks and other medical gadgets made from cheaper plastics, and these can trigger contact allergies with a lot of people. Sometimes these can also lead to a rash – or further breathing issues due to the allergic reaction the patient has to the device itself.

Of course, anyone who needs any kind of medical apparatus will want to avoid this as much as possible.

The Clipple is made from hypoallergenic materials and the device itself won’t trigger or worsen your allergies.

The Clipple is Durable

The Clipple is well made, and it’s made from really high quality materials. This means that your Clipple won’t degrade or damage over time, and the same one can last you for years.

It’s Small and Portable

The average C-PAP Machine makes the person wearing it feel like they just walked off the bad side of the Star Wars universe. They can be loud and noisy, and they can also turn out to be a massive expense that a lot of people out there can’t afford when they need it.

Even though there have been great advances in medical devices over the past decade, the C-PAP Machine is still heavy, expensive and loud.

One of the best things about the Clipple is the fact that it’s small and portable – and it’s not a huge machine that everyone else in the house can hear running the whole night.

Unobtrusive to Use

Most “breathing aid” devices are complicated, cumbersome, expensive and obvious. It can be embarrassing to have to wear any type of medical device before you go to sleep – especially if you’re young, single and don’t want to explain what this thing is to everyone who sleeps over.

The Clipple isn’t obvious and isn’t heavy: Nobody else can really tell that you’re wearing it, either, and it’s not a huge terrifying face mask like some other breathing aid devices recommended for the same problem.

The Clipple is Reusable

The Clipple is a reusable product. There are similar ones available on the market that aren’t reusable, but disposable instead: This can be a huge inconvenience for anyone who doesn’t want to go out and have to buy “sets” of anything a few times per month.

As long as you take good care of your Clipple, the product should last you for a long time: Clean it the same way you would clean your contact lenses (by soaking it in saline solution).

Included Travel Case

The Clipple comes with a handy travel case. While this doesn’t seem like a big deal to anyone, it’s pretty useful: And it means that you can store your Clipple safely away from any environmental factors like mold or mildew, which can grow on some types of plastic.

You usually don’t realize how handy a travel case really is until you buy a product that didn’t come with one!

Family? Friends? Bulk Discount

Snoring is often an inherited problem that affects several people in the same family. If this describes yours, you can get a bulk discount deal on the Clipple when you order several of them. If you want to help everyone in the family and you have several snorers in the house, consider this Clipple added deal for better value.

What to Do if It Doesn’t Work for You

In some cases, Clipple might not ease your snoring. What then? The best thing you can do is to make an appointment with your doctor. It’ll take just a few tests and one or two appointments to establish what the cause of your snoring could be. Where the Clipple doesn’t correct the problem, you might have additional underlying health problems.s

Product Pros:

  • Direct ordering and fast delivery.
    Clipple can be found in some stores, but you don’t have to go to a store to get one. The easiest way to find it is to place a direct order through their website. Order your Clipple and they’ll deliver straight to your door in most parts of the US.
  • A great way to fix a common problem.
    Snoring is one of the most common sleeping-related problems out there and thousands of people battle the issue. The Clipple provides a great alternative to conventional anti-snoring treatments that’s a great way to take care of chronic snoring.
  • It actually helps.
    The best thing about the Clipple is the fact that it actually helps. If you snore because of blocked airways or nostrils, the Clipple can help to alleviate many of your chronic issues.

Product Cons:

  • Let it air!
    One of the first cons about the product is the chemical smell to it when you first receive it. This is common with many packaged products, including mattresses. Let it air if you don’t want to deal with the chemical smell: This just needs to be allowed to dissipate, and usually takes a few hours at most. (If it doesn’t, clean it with saline solution first.)
  • Rarely not the right fit.
    The Clipple is likely to fit most people: It’s not a complicated product that you can buy in several different sizes where you have to try on a few to find the right one, because the Clipple fits almost everyone.
  • You’ll notice the word almost. In a few rare cases, the Clipple might not be such a great fit for your nostrils – and in even rarer cases, might not hold well throughout the night.
  • Not for use with piercings.
    If you have piercings, you’ll have to remove them before you use your Clipple. This can be an inconvenience that adds several minutes to an hour to your nightly (and morning) routine. Don’t leave your piercings in together with this product: Yes, it’s dangerous, and yes, it can remove your piercings.
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