Complaint and Grievance

Day in and day out, Doctors strive to please the many patients passing through their doors. It does that by providing excellent health care and courteous service in a friendly, comfortable and efficient setting.

Because we’re human, hospital staff sometimes fall short of expectations. On the rare occasion when that occurs, the hospital makes sure to right things as quickly and satisfactorily as possible-often on the spot.

In all instances of complaints and grievances, the director of the department where the issue arose is responsible for resolving it and attempting to ensure that it is not repeated.

Because physicians are independently credentialed by the Medical Staff, issues involving them are addressed through other channels.

Doctors strive to treat each patient as courteously and responsively as possible, providing excellent health care in the process. If we they fall short, please do not hesitate to contact them immediately to address your concern as quickly as it becomes known.