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I’m always reluctant to try new skin products after a bunch of bad experiences with leading brands, but when a friend of mine working in the cosmetics industry recommended Crepe Erase I decided to give it a shot. Surprisingly, it worked! And it worked for more than just working back the effects of getting older – it hydrated my skin at the same time.

Supports Skin’s Natural Process

Crepe Erase can help to support the skin’s natural healing process, and it’s one of the best things about it. Whether your skin’s trying to heal from some time spent in the sun or whether you’re just trying to reverse the effects of getting older, what makes Crepe Erase different is the fact that it promotes what your skin is already doing. From elastin to collagen, it’s a great product to have your skin’s essential needs covered.

Does More than Counteract Age

If you’re looking for a product to counteract ageing, then Crepe Erase is wonderful. But it’s also good for a lot more than just one-use, and this is a huge part of the reason why I still continue to use the product months after I first heard about it. If you want to keep your skin (and general immune system) healthier, then using Crepe Erase is a great way to start. When you look and feel great, you’re even more inspired to take on a path to better health.

Helps to Hydrate the Skin

Crepe Erase does a lot more for your skin than just help it to get rid of wrinkles in a natural way. You can also add it to your daily routine if all you want to do is hydrate your skin and feel better as a result. Skin hydration is essential, and most of what people attribute to age has nothing to do with age at all, but with the water content of your skin. Dry skin is unhappy skin, and it can age you much quicker than nature intended.

You’ll Feel the Difference

You won’t use a product if you aren’t seeing results, and I was especially glad to see results from using CE almost immediately. First, it had the effect of an instant-lift cream – and this was just within the first few hours – but then I noticed that the effect continued after. It was doing more than just perking up my skin, it was helping it to heal. Even the few scars that I’ve picked up over the years started to feel and look better after a while.

It matters when you’re using a skin cream that lets you see and feel the difference in your skin, and it’s why I’ll continue to use this product for years to come.

No Weird Texture

There’s no weird texture associated with taking CE. This isn’t something that I can say for a lot of the other skin creams that I’ve tried, including very expensive ones by leading brands. It leaves your skin feeling smooth, and it’s not hard to apply to your skin – this is always a plus in my book when it comes to any beauty product.

Firms the Skin

Everyone wants firmer skin – and everyone who argues with this statement is either too young to realize it, or lying about it. Keeping your skin firm is essential, and it’s why most people eventually turn to creams to counteract age. I found that CE worked great for firmer skin right from the beginning, and the effects last for more than just a few hours.

It’s great as a rescue cream when you notice that your skin needs a lift. At the same time, it’s just as great for everyday skin maintenance and ensuring that your skin both looks and feels great in the long run. I use it when I need it, and I use it daily – and that’s just because it really works exactly as well as the label promised. In fact, I’d say that it works even better than this.

Absorbs Completely

A lot of skin creams won’t absorb completely when you use them, and this leads to a gross residue on your skin. I was pretty scared that CE would fall under this type of skin cream just because a lot of different types out there do, but it was fine. It absorbs completely and leaves your skin feeling smooth immediately, instead of making you feel like you want to wash it off your skin as fast as possible.

No Artificial Stuff

I prefer to live as close to naturally healthy as possible, and this means that I try to cut out all artificial ingredients when I spot them. This includes what’s in my skin cream. I’m glad to say that CE contains no artificial ingredients or preservatives that I had to worry about, and it contained nothing that negatively affected my skin. This already made it better than most of what I had in my beauty routine – and it’s why I tossed out most of the other products and now choose to stick to using Crepe Erase in their place.

No Side-Effects – at Least for Me

A lot of products have side-effects, and this is especially true when it comes to skin creams. Most people have tried plenty of creams that didn’t work for them and sometimes the side-effects can even be as severe as a skin rash. I didn’t experience any issues with Crepe Erase from the first day I used it, and I can’t say the same about 99% of the other products I tried before I found it.

Mix It Into Something Else

If you’re already following a set skin routine or treatment and you would like to add something to it, then this could be the perfect product for you. It won’t overwhelm (or clash with) anything that you might already be doing, and you can use CE with most skincare products out there. More than this, you can also choose to mix your CE pot into another skin cream if you like – and yes, I’ve done this when I forgot to order more and needed to stretch it for another day or so.

It Can Be Used Daily – and At Any Time

A lot of skin creams are specifically for morning or evening use. What I love about this product is the fact that it can be used at any point and at any time throughout the day. Just apply some whenever your skin feels like it could use it, even if this is in the middle of the day – or several times per day. Of course, it’s a bonus that I could use it together with my regular nightly skin cream without any weird after-effects or a strange texture to go with it.

Product Pros:

  • Love free stuff? You’ll love this
    If you love free stuff, then you’ll love the first introductory offer for this product. They send you a few goodies together with your first order, and it definitely counts as a pro. Not a lot of companies are still willing to do cool stuff like this!
  • Great for various body parts
    Crepe Erase is different to a lot of skin creams out there because it really is a skin cream, not just a face cream. It’s versatile, and it can be used for various body parts – in fact, any part of you that needs it.
  • Tested and tried to work
    Crepe Erase comes with a good track record and the guarantee that the product actually works. It’s been tested by a lot of women (and men) just like you – and they are pretty upfront about the fact that their product delivers results.

Product Cons:

  • What about individual packs?
    I have some issues with applying the same skin cream from the same pot over the long-haul, and I always end up scooping a bit out of the main pot to carry with me. It might have been a whole lot easier if they had come up with individual packs of Crepe Erase that allowed you to skip this process entirely – but for some reason, they didn’t.
  • Can feel cold to the skin
    Even though Crepe Erase doesn’t have a weird texture to it like a lot of other skin creams that you’ll find on the market, it can sometimes feel cold to the skin – and you never really get used to this! If you’re keeping it in the fridge, just leave it outside of the fridge for ten minutes until it gets to room temperature if you want to avoid this.
  • What about more?
    I’d have liked to see a few more products from the Crépe Erase range. The singular product worked so well that I would likely use any other products they had to offer – but the option isn’t there yet. It doesn’t affect how wellCrépe Erase works on its own, though, and I’ll continue recommending the product to everyone I meet who seems like they could use it.
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