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What’s your skincare routine like? Do you even have a skincare routine (no judgments here!)? And most importantly, what do you use on your skin when you take care of it? Do you look at the ingredients in the bottle? Is there a perfect formulation for specific skin problems?

Have you checked to confirm that all your skincare products have the ingredients that are supposed to be there? We are talking about things like retinol which is meant to smooth out the fine lines and prevent breakouts, glycolic acid which is an excellent exfoliant, vitamin C which holds a brightening effect on the skin, or hyaluronic acid the source of hydration for the skin? Because you might not be into rigorous skincare routines, but your skin demands that you use the right products. In your 40s, 50s, or 60s, your skin will thank you or keep you in a regret spiral because of the attention you give it now.

Now, we know what you’re thinking – which products will have all the necessary ingredients your skin needs for optimal health and suppleness, right?

Given the ever-ballooning skincare industry, anyone would get overwhelmed with the huge range of products available on the market. It’s easy to buy the wrong skincare product for your skin type. But we don’t want that to happen to you which is why we’ve been researching extensively. One of the products we came across is Curology. This product seems to have everything right, from having to all the right ingredients your skin craves for, to having a good combination of the said ingredients.

In this review, we look at everything you need to know about Curology and the hype around it.

What is Curology?

Curology is a popular customized skincare product which not only promises to be the cure for your acne, but also the solution for reversing aging and premature aging. It’s noted that Curology’s curing and skin-enhancing effects are a result of the blend that’s Curology. Unlike other skincare products that promise to enhance the health of your skin but do so using suspicious ingredients, Curology is said to be a blend of high-quality, prescription-only active ingredients. You do not get to see or hear about such products daily!

Well, the manufacturer notes that Curology gives you the desired results by blending specific product formulas to cure your condition. The personalized blend is based on your skin goals, and of course, your current photos and also your medical history.

Given the level of personalization seen in this product, Curology is said to be effective in dealing with acne, dark spots, clogged pores, wrinkles and fine lines (firmness), and your skin’s texture.

How does Curology do so much?

The key, according to the manufacturer, is in the ingredients that will actively yield the results you desire. Below, we look at the specific skin issues that Curology addresses/ resolves.

Acne – If there’s one thing Curology is best-known for, it’s the product’s ability to get rid of most acne successfully. While most of the drugstore products you could have tried only get rid of about 30% of acne most of the time, Curology claims to eliminate acne with a success rate of up to 90%. How? Curology is formulated with specific ingredients that effectively clear acne – niacinamide, clindamycin, azelaic acid, zinc pyrithione, and tretinoin.

Dark Spots – Besides eliminating acne, Curology will also get rid of the evidence of you ever having acne. And if you use Curology alongside the best sun protection treatments, you won’t have to deal with dark spots anymore. Tretinoin, azelaic acid, and niacinamide are responsible for the disappearance of the dark spots on your skin.

Clogged Pores – If you are struggling with clogged pores and plugs, then it means that you are in a constant battle with breakouts that never seem to go away. Curology claims to help you deal with these issues too with its blend of Tretinoin, niacinamide, clindamycin, zinc pyrithione, and the azelaic acid.

Restoration of the skin’s firmness – On Curology’s website, it’s noted that this skincare product will restore skin’s firmness in about 8 weeks with a clinical study performed by an independent body noting an increase in firmness by up to 38%. These results are from Curology’s blend with vitamin C and the tretinoin. Therefore, this treatment could be the most effective remedy for dealing with wrinkles and fine lines.

Enhancement of Texture – The other claim by Curology is that their blend will improve your skin’s texture by encouraging cellular regeneration, in the process enhancing your skin’s glow and smoothness. These benefits are noted to be the specific inner workings of tretinoin.

Looking at all these potential benefits, it’s not surprising to see the craze around the product. But before we send you to the store to buy Curology, how about a look at how the products/ blends work exactly.

Using Curology – How it Works

Rather than scheduling an office visit to have an expert check your skin out, Curology makes things easy for interested individuals by automating the process using an online questionnaire.

In the questionnaire, you will need to do the following:

  • Share Skin Goals

In this section of the questionnaire, you will be required to select your skin goals? Are you looking to resolve an acne problem, dark spots, clogged pores, firmness, wrinkles, or your skin texture? And the beauty of it is that you get to pick as many goals as you’d like. For example, you could select, acne, clogged up pores, and dark spots, and you will receive the perfect blend for the problem. You might, however, want to limit your choices to three options because the Curology blends almost always have three active ingredients at a time?

  • Pick your skin type

Once you tell Curology about your dream skin goals, you will need to give them more details about your skin’s health and type to ensure that you get the perfect blend for your skin. So, let Curology know if you have very dry skin, often dry, oily, very oily, or combination skin.

Our issue with this step is that Curology fails to provide a guiding description for the skin types. And with no ‘Normal’ option, if your skin type is something between oily and dry – a skin type different from the combination, then you will be left hanging.

On top of the skin type, Curology will also ask you to provide details of the specific area of your skin with the issue to be addressed – neck, back, face, chest, shoulders, etc.

Last in this section of the questionnaire is a section asking about the number of pimples you had the previous week.

You will also be required to provide information about your use of sun protection, the level, and frequency of the sunscreen you use.  

  • Medical History Section

On top of your skin type and details of the skin area that needs attention, Curology takes things a step further by asking for important information about your medical history.

The questions asked will cover different areas of your health. Some of the questions asked include:

Whether you are currently using products (for the skin) with unprescribed retinoids for example retinyl palmitate or retinol

The products you are using currently and whether they are working or not. Curology will also want to know if you are experiencing any irritation using those products, or not.

Also, you will be asked if you’ve used prescription topical creams or gels, either for aging or to fight acne. And if you answer Yes to this question, you will be expected to select the products from their long list of potential products. Also, the guys at Curology will want to know if you are still using the product actively or not, the product’s brand and even its concentration.

The final question in this section explores how the skin feels whenever you use the products specified in the previous question.

On top of all these questions, Curology will also other rather obvious questions like gender and for females, whether one is using hormonal birth control or not. This is particularly important because the Curology blends are not recommended for use by pregnant individuals.

If you have any other information that you find important to mention, you will be required to provide the details in the last section of the questionnaire.

What do you get from Curology’s plans?

Should you choose to prescribe to the products, you will receive prescribed products formulated to match your needs/ requirements, as well as some dermatologic care.

Does Curology Work?

So far, many of Curology users praise the product as it not only reduces the prevalence of acne but it also firms and enhances the overall health of the skin. And since the company takes into account the specifics about your skin and health, as well as its history, Curology could be a good investment for you,


  • Detailed questionnaire
  • Prescription-only ingredients
  • Custom-blended skincare products
  • The online treatment enhances the convenience of using the products
  • You could chat with their dermatologists for specialized cate
  • It works


  • Your skin could dry out and become flaky
  • The skin types section of the questionnaire could use some descriptions for the skin types


For many of the users of Curology, the product seems to bear great results, and the membership is affordable. But the product is not perfect with some of the users experiencing adverse side effects. So, like other skincare products, Curology might or might not work for you.

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