Derma RPX Reviews

Everybody wants tight smooth skin but as we age, wrinkles can pose a problem. Derma RPX claims to get rid of all wrinkles and under-eye bads in as little as five minutes but does it really work?

Derma RPX is a new anti-aging skin care product. Perhaps you have seen the commercial where the maker claims that this wrinkle reducing cream contains a breakthrough combination of skin tightening minerals that diminish bags under your eyes and get rid of dark circles and wrinkles – in five minutes or less.

For best results, the manufacturer suggests applying to clean dry skin without makeup. Once you’ve applied the cream let it dry and then apply your makeup. You will notice right away how smooth your skin feels without caking under your eyes.

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Crystal Bolton
Crystal Bolton

I have been using the product for a week…I think it’s amazing. I was using wunderlift and it would cake up really bad…so when I tried this…I was amazed! It’s totally worth the low price!