DermaLuminate Reviews

Most of the people I know would rather take care of their skincare at home rather than pay a spa or beautician huge amounts of money to do it for them. There are a few essential things that everyone needs as part of their beauty kit: A good concealer, a good base and a good day-night skin cream are the bare minimum.

Since I bought the DermaLuminate, I consider it part of my essential care routine too.

Here’s what I thought of the DermaLuminate and why it can compliment what’s already in your skincare kit now.

Affordable LED Light Treatment

LED light treatments have been around for a while now – and more research is coming out to prove that it can be great for your skin. A few years ago, the only place where you could go to get an LED treatment done was a professional dermatologist. This was exactly as expensive as you’d imagine, especially when you add up the costs of needing several appointments in a row.

The DermaLuminate allows anyone to get a professional quality LED light treatment without having to leave the comfort of your home or office. Unlike having to go to a professional for treatment, you don’t need to schedule anything: Just reach for the DermaLuminate whenever you feel like your skin could use a pick-me-up.

A Comfortable Fit

The DermaLuminate is a comfortable fit that goes over your face like a traditional face mask. It’s a one-size-fits-all design that’s been contoured to fit the basic shape of most people out there – and everyone I’ve recommended it to has found it comfortable to “wear” for a few minutes of home treatment.

Many other LED light treatment masks are heavy, uncomfortable and might not fit. If you’ve never had an LED-powered face mask before now, this is one reason why I’d recommend the DermaLuminate.

Simple Treatment

Beauty shouldn’t have to be a complicated process, and one of the best things about the DermaLuminate mask is its complete simplicity. Wear it, turn it on and adjust the lighting spectrum to where you need it – there are a few guides that can help to tell you which color or light is best for doing what to your skin.

It’s one of the simplest treatments out there. That’s what makes it great. It takes just a few minutes per day, and your skin actually feels better – and somehow fresher – when you’re done.

It can be combined with your regular skincare routine of oils, creams and other face masks – or you can just plug in the DermaLuminate a few minutes before going out to make sure your skin feels great. It’s the non-chemical equivalent of a caffeine face mask.

More Proven Benefits for Your Skin

There wasn’t a lot of research done on LED light face masks when they first came out and hit the market. But today, we know a little bit more about light and the benefits it can have for your skin. More research is showing that LED light therapy can help to promote natural healing for your skin, perk up skin cells, promote circulation and rejuvenate your skin.

It “wakes up” the natural mechanisms that protect your skin: And without the need for added treatments, although you can combine it with your normal routine of skincare creams if you like.

The DermaLuminate is good for your skin: That’s most of the reason why I’m still using and recommending mine to people today.

Lighting Settings are Adjustable

Light settings on the DermaLuminate face mask are adjustable to different colors. This might not sound like a big deal, but the shade of the light you use has everything to do with just what the light does to your skin. Green light, for example, is able to freshen up your skin before or after a night out – whereas blue is a color you want to set it to before you go to sleep instead.

Set the light to a different setting depending on what it is that your skin needs. If you aren’t sure, there are plenty of online guides (or just the DermaLuminate manual!) to tell you what to do.

It’s Great for Everyone

I’d recommend the DermaLuminate to anyone no matter what age their skin might be: Whether fifteen or fifty, the DermaLuminate can help to promote good health for your skin. I wouldn’t say the same thing about a lot of other beauty treatments and products out there (such as a lot of skin creams) because they can be suited to specific skin types and ages – and might be too harsh for younger skin.

It’s Safe to Use

I’ve always been a little suspicious of curling irons: It warms up and it plugs straight into the wall – what could possibly be dangerous about that? The DermaLuminate scares me a lot less. It’s safe to use during operation, there are no parts of the face mask that heats up, it’s powered by USB instead of anything more high-voltage – and there’s no chance of setting your apartment on fire if you should ever forget you’ve plugged it in.

Helps Your Skin Feel Better

Within just a few minutes of usage, the DermaLuminate makes your skin feel better – and visibly improves circulation. If you’re about to go to an important function, big date or night out, the DermaLuminate can be used right before (and the effects of it will keep your skin feeling great throughout the night – switch to another color when you get home for the best effects).

Easy USB Charging

I don’t like any kind of gadget that makes you change out batteries on a regular basis. It’s annoying, and you always have to keep spare batteries around the place for when it runs out. The DermaLuminate doesn’t use batteries: Instead, it plugs into USB.

A Portable Unit

The DermaLuminate isn’t a huge and cumbersome device. It’s something that you can just throw into your carry-bag or suitcase when you’re leaving the house or going on holiday – and you can carry one of the most essential parts of your skincare routine along with you.

It’s Not a Huge Learning Curve

It’s not hard to learn how to use the DermaLuminate. The same can’t be said for a lot of other gadgets out there that practically need a hundred page manual just to tell you what settings there are. With the DermaLuminate, you plug it in and it works – and this makes it so easy that anyone can use it.

Product Pros:

Here’s what I found some of the greatest features of the DermaLuminate.

  • Great for people who hate weird textured face masks.
    Face masks are essential for skincare, but a lot of people I know hate the texture of most face masks and treatments on their skin. If you want to skip most of the gross, slippery or sticky face treatments, the DermaLuminate offers you a great alternative that’s just as good for your skin.
  • Quiet Operation
    The DermaLuminate is a quiet, non-vibrational beauty device. I like this because it’s not like an electric razor or toothbrush that lets everyone in the building know you’re using it. Other than quiet, the DermaLuminate is also non-obtrusive when it comes to light: People around you won’t be bugged when your face mask lights up.
  • Runs on USB power instead of changeable batteries.

I don’t like gadgets that run on batteries, and I really don’t like ones that plug directly into a wall power source. The DermaLuminate runs on USB power, making it a lot safer and more energy-efficient than any other gadget I have in the house.

Product Cons:

Even the greatest products in the world have their drawbacks. Here are some of the cons I found while using the DermaLuminate.

  • The idea of an LED Light Mask is new and scary to most people.
    Most people have never used an LED light mask and have no idea how it works. Just like how microwaves were scary to people when they were first introduced, LED light masks are unfamiliar to a lot of people – but this by no means counts as a con. It’s just something to get used to, and if you don’t know LED face masks yet: Relax, they actually work.
  • Needs to be charged pretty often.
    The DermaLuminate needs to be charged often (or kept plugged in) if you use it as regularly as I do. This means that you should get into the habit of checking whether it needs a charge – or take the risk of needing to find a USB charging port in an emergency. (If this happens, you can also hook it up to a power bank.)
  • Remember to buy replacement lights.

One of the first problems with the DermaLuminate is the fact that you might occasionally have to replace the lights. Not a big issue, but something that you have to think about with regular use. If anything else goes wrong with the DermaLuminate model, yours is covered under warranty for as much as two years.

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November 14, 2019 12:34 pm

How effective is product on brown spots?

December 3, 2019 5:33 am

Where do you get replacement lights and how much do they cost?