DNA Personalized Skin Care

There is a new revolution in skincare available. DNA personalized skincare routines and products are now available for anyone looking to customize their skincare and achieve a glow to their skin. DNA skincare could be the answer to uplifting your skin and helping you beat the aging process.

The Age of DNA Skincare Testing

Over 16-years ago, medical science finished successfully mapping the human genome. The 2003 breakthrough in medical science led to a greater understanding of the human body than at any point in history. Since the advent of this development, medical treatments customized to our genetics, such as stem cell therapy, have taken the medical community by storm.

While this technology continues to snowball into more areas of medicine, there are revolutionary products available tailored to our DNA rather than more conventional approaches like Plexaderm or Genucel. One of the industries benefiting from this science is skincare. Clinicians and researchers spent billions of dollars over the last decade and a half studying the effects of DNA skincare products that cater to our individual specific skincare needs.

Studies show that the worldwide market for personalized skincare products exceeds $12.2-billion. With interest in DNA mapping for skincare becoming a rising trend, we can expect to see more cosmetics companies jumping on the bandwagon in the coming years.

There are now dozens of smart applications that allow users to assess their skin needs to find out what skincare products and routines meet their requirements. What works for one person may not work for another. Allergies, skin types, and our reaction to environmental conditions all play a significant role in determining what skincare products suit us best.

Some companies offer questionnaires, algorithms, and Skype sessions with skincare consultants to help you narrow down your ideal range of products for your skincare routine. These consulting sessions are useful, and many people get plenty of benefit from the advice on offer.

However, even these advanced skincare consulting sessions pale in comparison to the power of DNA skincare testing for efficacy in your skincare routine. DNA testing probes your genetic code for answers to the best skincare products to use in your beauty routine. DNA testing allows you to get a snapshot of the unique characteristics of your skin. With this data, you can see what will work for you to produce the best anti-aging effect on your skin tone and features.

DNA Skincare Testing Explained

If you’ve ever tuned into an episode of CSI, then you’ll see the techies in lag coats swabbing the inside of suspects cheeks to test their DNA. DNA is our genetic code that makes up every cell in our body. Your DNA tells a biological story about who you are and how your body functions.

Since the mapping of the human genome, the technology is now available for many more applications than catching criminals. One of the most controversial therapies involving DNA mapping is its use in skincare routines. Many experts hail this technique as a life-changing technology for individuals. However, some disagree.

Whatever the stance on the subject, there’s clear evidence that our DNA controls who we are as a person. Your DNA determines everything from your behavior to your blood type, your eye color, and your hair. So, why should it be any different for your skin?

Just as any other DNA test, your skincare DNA test starts with a swab of your cheek to collect saliva. Some companies require you to visit its offices for a consulting session where a technician swabs your cheek in a controlled environment. Other companies may send you a swab kit and allow you to do-it-yourself and then mail in the swab to the lab for testing.

Depending on your choice of DNA skincare testing company, you may have to wait for up to three weeks to get your results. If you visit a physical brick-and-mortar lab, you could have your results in as little as 30-minutes after your consultation. Visiting on-site locations is always a better choice, as there’s less room for error in the process.

However, if you mail in your swab, then it could take days or weeks before you receive your report. There’s also a chance that your sample could become contaminated in the process, altering your results, or the technicians may request a second swab to restart the process.

Whichever method you use, the lab produces a personalized report of your DNA results relating to your skin. The report typically highlights and problems with your skin. You can use this information in conjunction with the expertise of consultants trained to analyze your report. The consulting firm will assist you in reading your results and creating a customized skincare routine based around your individual needs.

The DNA report highlights areas where you need to focus on with your skincare routine, as well as skin care products that would give you the most benefit.

DNA Skincare Testing – What it Tells You About Your Skin

Experts believe that your genetic variations are a predictive indicator of your skin’s characteristics. By analyzing your DNA, you get a better indication of what will work for you in your skincare routine, as well as what products provide you with the most benefit.

Everyone’s DNA profile is unique, and we all respond differently to skincare products. What works for you might not be the best protocol for someone else. By undertaking genetic testing, you get a clear picture of the best skincare routine for you. DNA testing can help you identify troublesome areas where you need to pay attention to in your skincare routine.

For instance, some tests can identify the presence of genes that lead to autoimmune skin disorders, such as eczema or psoriasis. The testing can help determine which skincare products may trigger a flare-up in these conditions, allowing you to avoid specific formulations that may exacerbate your symptoms. Your DNA report can help you identify a strategy to ensure that your skin remains healthy throughout your life while reducing the impact of the aging process.

The information offered by the report identifies which areas you need to focus on with your skincare routines, such as anti-aging, sun protection, antioxidant protection, or environmental skin sensitivity.

Several skin care companies, like Geneu, offer specialized products catering to your specific DNA needs outlined in your testing and skin analysis. There are hundreds of customized skincare products available to help you tailor your skincare routine around your DNA results. Toners, moisturizers, supplements, and serums are all available in customized formulations allowing you to build your routine around your DNA results. These customized routines have many benefits. Reduce the risk of developing skin cancer, enhance collagen production, build elasticity in your skin, as well as prevent wrinkles and the onset or liver spots.

How Much Does Skin DNA Testing Cost?

DNA skincare tests vary in pricing. If you visit an on-site location, the chances are that you’ll pay a significant amount more than using a mailing service. The level of personalized attention and quick results involved with on-site testing means you can expect higher costs involved with the process.

Typically, you can expect to pay anywhere for $90 to $200 for at-home testing kits that you mail into labs. Personalized visits to the lab can cost as much as $1,000 for the session. Therefore, you must understand the expense involved before you visit any lab for an on-site DNA test.

Some on-site testing labs will charge you more. However, you get a consulting session on skin care products to use in your routine, as well as samples of the best products to suit your skin.

Is DNA Skincare Testing Worth It?

Some medical practitioners doubt that DNA skincare testing provides any practical results worth utilizing in your skincare routine. However, there are hundreds of medical experts that believe it’s the way to go if you want to discover what works for your skin. This divided consensus doesn’t help if you decide to research the results for yourself.

While you can’t depend on DNA testing to tell you everything about your skin, it does provide a unique insight into your body and what works for you.  Think of the test as a part of a story of your overall health. The test provides you with insights that you can use to customize your skincare routine. However, don’t expect it to give you a complete analysis of what to expect in the future.

Many factors play a role in the health of our skin. If you live in an area that has high air pollution levels, the test can’t tell you about the impact your environment plays on the health of your skin.

If you engage in self-destructive lifestyle habits, such as drinking and smoking, then the test won’t pick this up. Nor will it be able to determine the effects of these habits on your skin in the coming years.

However, the Geneu testing can help identify genetic markers that help you make better selections in your skincare products.

Wrapping Up – Key Takeaways

DNA testing can help you identify the best skin care products to use in your routine. It’s proven science that has many benefits in helping you slow the aging process by making recommendations for your ideal skincare treatments and protocols.

DNA skin testing won’t identify environmental agents and lifestyle habits, causing the premature aging of your skin.

Is it worth it? If you have the budget, and you think your skincare routine could be offering you more, then give it a try.

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October 13, 2019 7:41 pm

I was fortunate to have bought and used Geneu. The results was fantastic. Anyone I came across would comment on my age. I am sixty years old and many thought I was forty. What a great product. Sadly, I cannot get it any more.