Dr. Sock Soothers Reviews

After having emergency foot surgery, I was in the market for Dr Sock Soothers after they were recommended for use by my surgeon. There were a few brands on the shelf, and I originally only chose Dr Sock Soothers because I had heard the name before – since then, I’ve bought a few different pairs and make sure that I always keep them handy when dealing with any discomfort or pain in my feet or legs.

Here’s why Dr Sock Soothers are great for anyone who has just had surgery or might have chronic circulation issues.

Recommended After Surgery

Compression socks are usually a recommendation for many types of surgeries and a requirement for some others. After surgery, circulation can take some time to get flowing again – and this is why getting up and walking as soon as possible is asked for after you’ve just had surgery. For some types, doctors will recommend the use of compression socks by default: If your surgeon or doctor has mentioned compression socks to you at all, you could benefit from Dr Sock Soothers.

Improves Circulation

Circulation problems are common and not just after you’ve had recent surgery. If you experience any issues with circulation or you’re currently taking medication that has an effect, compression socks are a great way to naturally promote circulation. Check with your doctor before using any kind of treatment like compression socks with your prescribed treatment.

Can Relieve Pain

Pain in the feet is common for anyone with circulation problems that go along with conditions like diabetes; it’s also very common for people who spend a lot of time on their feet, often ones who work in the service industry as table waiting staff. When you knock off work, the use of compression socks can be great for getting circulation flowing the way it should – and at the same time it’s great for pain as well.

Of course, if you experience anything other than relief while wearing your compression socks, it’s recommended that you see your doctor before continuing their use.

Durable Fabric

I’ve worn things like regular ankle braces before: Usually, the cheaper ones aren’t made from the best materials out there, and they can come apart with regular use. Sometimes they’ll even become stretchy and ineffective from just a few weeks. The Dr Sock Soothers are made from great quality fabric that’s much less likely to “stretch out” even with regular use, and even if you’ve put it through the wash a few times.

A Better Quality Brace Option

Ankle braces are great, but if you don’t have the right fit for you or you choose one of the cheapest braces off the market, you’ll either be disappointed with the quality or it’s going to cause more discomfort than it can offer relief. I was impressed with Dr Sock Soothers from the start – and even more impressed when it was still just as good of a fit several weeks later, which isn’t the case with a lot of other compression socks and braces.

No Rash or Allergy Reaction

If you have sensitive skin that reacts to certain fabrics, you can have a potential nightmare experience trying to find the right brace that doesn’t make your skin freak out a few seconds after you’ve put it on. I’m glad to say that I had no allergic or adverse reactions from using the Dr Sock Soother – and I can’t say that for anything else on the market.

Helps for Joint Pain

If you have a chronic condition that causes joint pain or you experience it due to strain and stress injuries, wearing the Dr Sock Soothers can be a great help for soothing your joint pain. I wear mine almost every day after getting home, and it’s been better than any other product on the market.

An All-Size Product

Dr Sock Soothers are an all-size-fits-all type of product that actually does fit everyone. I’ve recommended them to a few friends of mine – ones of all different sizes – and they’ve all reported that the Sock Soothers fit them perfectly fine.

A Comfortable Fit

A lot of braces and compression socks on the market are a huge fuss about size and it takes a lot of messing around to find one that actually fits – if you ever do. The Dr Sock Soothers were a comfortable fit for me (and for most people I’ve recommended it to since I got mine), which is a huge plus if you’ve already tried a bunch of braces or compression socks that didn’t fit right.

Product Pros:

Here’s what I loved about the Dr Sock Soothers.

  • They’re designed by experts.
    Dr Sock Soothers aren’t just a randomly designed compression sock: They’ve been designed and assessed by experts – and this way you know that you’re using the type of compression socks that have been approved for use.
  • It can help with many chronic health conditions (and also many temporary ones).
    A lot of chronic health conditions can benefit from the use of Dr Sock Soothers: A lot of temporary ones (like in the case of surgical after-effects) can benefit from them too. Check with your doctor if you aren’t completely sure whether or not these are right for you.
  • Improves circulation overall.

Compression socks are recommended for anyone who has temporary or chronic issues with circulation. If this describes you, try out Dr Sock Soothers to see if they might work for you.

Product Cons:

Even the best products on earth aren’t completely perfect. Here’s what I thought about the cons.

  • Careful with the fabric.

Be careful when handling your Dr Sock Soothers, and make sure that the fabric never hooks on anything. Be even more careful if you have animals. While the fabric is durable, serious abuse means you’ll have to go out and buy another pair.

  • Not for repeated machine washing.
    These are best hand-washed: Repeated machine washing can stretch them out during the washing process, which can also mean you’ll have to buy a replacement.
  • Fits too tight for some.
    Most people reported that the Dr Sock Soothers were a perfect fit, but it wasn’t the same for everyone: Sometimes they can still be a tight fit.
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Heidi Barrett
Heidi Barrett
November 22, 2019 7:53 pm

I love my sock soothers. However I wear them in my running shoes and my toes get cold. I wish you would make full socks.