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When it comes to skincare and reversal of premature aging, the market presents to us the widest range of products that we could choose from. Some of the marketed products work, but others do more harm than good, denting your account balance, and stressing you out in the process. With stress as one of the main reasons for premature aging, we want to make sure that the products you buy are beneficial to your skin and your wellbeing.

Genucel is one of the skin care product lines that’s hit the market in recent days. The company’s put a lot into marketing the Genucel range of products, and the information out there is quite convincing. But before you place your order, how about a dive into exactly what you’re buying into – Is the product worth your money?

What is Genucel?

Genucel represents a plant-based, stem-cell eye, and skin treatment solution, claiming to significantly reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes. It’s also said to reduce the puffiness of the eyes and the bags under the eyes.

Genucel is a product line by Chamonix, and it said to be one of their tested products with anti-aging benefit. The products sold by Genucel have been developed using Chamonix’s Plant (Swiss Apple) Stem Cell Technology. There also are other ingredients included in the products.

According to Genucel’s manufacturer, their most powerful formulations could help interested individuals attain their wildest dreams including the reduction of puffiness and the eye bags under the eyes, as well as a smoother, brighter, and a rather youthful complexion.

The most interesting bit, however, is that the Genucel range of products has been formulated in such a way that ensures the delivery of results in under 12 hours for both sexes. Unbelievable, don’t you think?

Well, a glance of the Genucel website reveals a wealth of information about the Genucel range of products and how they’d help you. Unfortunately, most of the information shared is a bit complicated for most people, but we’ll try to simplify things for you.

What’s in the Genucel Product Line?

Chamonix boasts a number of products under the Genucel name. These products all promise an enhancement of your appearance through the reduction of fine lines, wrinkles, and the bags under the eyes. These products include:

  • Genucel Deep Firming Serum (DFS)

Made using the plant stem cell technology, Genucel’s DFS promises to enhance the appearance and the health of your skin with its active and powerful ingredients that support the health of the skin. The Deep Firming Serum has a high vitamin C concentration at 7.5%. Chamonix indicates that vitamin C in the DFS enters your skin using a unique technology – Liposome Technology, as well as the latest technology in plant stem cell technologies. They note that thanks to the use of these technologies in the delivery of vitamin C, DFS delivers a high degree of luxury. The best part, according to the manufacturer, is that the DFS formulation yields specular results in a short time. Some of the expected results and benefits include 24/7 hydration, flawless skin, and the smoothest skin texture. For these benefits, simply massage the serum into your face once you cleanse it.

  • Genucel Dark Spot Corrector

If you’re struggling with spots on any part of the body, you might like this Genucel spot corrector. According to Chamonix, this corrector will not only lighten your appearance but also even out your skin tone and brighten the skin. The corrector makes these results possible thanks to its range of ingredients which include marine hydrolyzed collagen, alpha arbutin, lumiskin, and Stay-C.

  • Genucel XV Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

For anti-wrinkle treatment, Chamonix uses its stem cell technologies, as well as essential oils and calendula flower extracts. For this Genucel XV treatment that reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, Chamonix adds other skin-enhancing ingredients into their formulation. The other ingredients include an Enzyme Group activator for vitamins B6 and B3, hyaluronic acid, peptides, and CoQ10.

These ingredients promise and an outstanding level of moisturization, as well as the reversal of the signs of aging and premature aging. This product is free of petroleum products, and mineral oil, among other preservatives that could cause clogging of pores or skin sensitivities.

  • Genucel Exfoliating Masque

Unfortunately, this is one of the Genucel products with no ingredients mentioned. The only thing promised by Chamonix is that this mask offers maximum moisture retention and nourishment. You need to use the mask two/ three times weekly, for about 3 minutes when used.

In addition to these products, there also are other products in the Radio and TV Package.

They include:

  • Genucel Plant Stem Cell Eye Therapy

For younger-looking skin, you might like this Genucel eye therapy product. This is one of the main Genucel products. Its main ingredients, Eyeseryl has been proven clinically to reduce puffiness and eye bags by as much as 70% in a span of 15 days. At the end of its testing, the success rate rose to 95%. Besides Eyeseryl, the other ingredients in this eye therapy Genucel product include algae extract, Goji berry extract, hydrolyzed marine collagen, and green tea leaf extract.

  • Genucel Immediate Effects

Also effective in the reduction of wrinkles and fine lines around your eyes is Genucel’s Immediate Effect. Immediate Effects uses Relaxoderm Technology and a number of natural ingredients to reduce the signs of premature aging seen as fine lines and wrinkles. The manufacturer tested this product in 2006 and no adverse reactions we reported.

  • Esotique-RF with ​​Matrixyl

Esotique-RF with ​​Matrixyl is regarded as Chamonix’s golden goose. It is their best-selling product and also the most effective anti-wrinkle treatment. Esotique-RF with ​​Matrixyl (Protein Polypentapeptide) promises to give you a youthful and a healthier-looking skin thanks to its wide range of ingredients namely: Matrixyl, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, grape seed extract, as well as Chamonix’s proprietary calendula extract base. For the best effects, use it twice every day.

  • L’essence with Vitamin C Advanced Neck Treatment

If you wish to reduce the appearance of wrinkles around the neck, you might like this Neck treatment. The treatment is made of ingredients like antioxidant-rich green tea, certified and organic purified water, safflower oil, vitamin C, aloe leaf juice, and also calendula extract (proprietary). These ingredients promise a tight, silky smooth neck.

Should You Buy Genucel?

While plant stem cells have the ability to grow/ transform into any tissue, they can be transformed into a whole (new) organism through a process called totipotency.  Human stem cells cannot be transformed into whole/ new organisms, although they could be transformed into any type of human tissue through pluripotency.

However, despite the potency of plant stem cells and their effectiveness, these stem cells are quite fragile meaning that most, if not all of the stem cells will perish in the cream before they reach the skin. At the same time, even when the stem cells survive, the skin has a powerful protection mechanism that keeps things out. The cells are also large and unable to penetrate the skin’s pores. Therefore, even if the stem cells survive in the cream, they will not pass the epidermis, and they’ll just evaporate, or you’ll wash them out. Lastly, there is no clinical evidence to prove the effectiveness of the plant stem cells on anti-aging in humans.

So, while the stem cells appear to be the marketing point for the Genucel brand of products, there’s little evidence to support the effectiveness of the cells. If any of the Genucel products work on you, it’s highly likely that those results come from the other ingredients in the product and not the stem cells.

The other ingredients

  • Matrixyl is purported to boost the function and the production of collagen. There’s little evidence to support this.
  • Caffeine in the therapy mask could only tighten your skin temporarily.
  • However, the use of hyaluronic acid appears to be the winning bit – hyaluronic acid boosts cellular moisturization and cell turnover, hence the tightening of the skin.
  • Then we have collagen, an abundant human protein, and the foundation for beautiful, strong, and healthy skin. Although it cannot penetrate the skin, it keeps the skin moisturized and tight, albeit temporarily.

Cost of Genucel Products

The products are priced differently, but if you’re interested, you will enjoy a great discount buying the Radio/ TV package. This package goes for $139.95. You have to join the Chamonix Customer Program for this offer. Individually, these products range from $79- $140.25.

The other products range from $69 – $297.


  • They have ingredients that could work in enhancing the skin’s health
  • Eyeseryl proven to work
  • 15-days money-back guarantee
  • The products are available in full packages


  • Issues with refunds
  • Poor customer service
  • Dried-out skin
  • Not much about the clinical trials
  • Plant-cell technology is not as effective


While these products seem to have ingredients that could change the health and appearance of the skin, the supposed clinical trials are not available to the public, and this makes it even harder for us to recommend the products.

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