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I’m a sucker for diet plans, and it’s been that way ever since I entered my thirties and realized that I have to live a healthier life or be a victim of the same health conditions that’s affected several members of my family. Now, I’m thirty four, and four years have given me enough time to cycle through several different diets – including the Atkins diet, the cabbage diet, the soup diet, the carrot diet… Practically the everything diet, too.

I kept cycling through diets like this – and mostly seeing worse or no results – until I found the Golo Diet as an alternative. It works as a subscription service that keeps you updated of what you should be eating and when with customized diet advice sent to you.

The Golo Diet changed my entire outlook on what a diet should be and how a diet works. Since I started the Golo Diet routine, I’ve felt a definite improvement in my health – and I’ve managed to get rid of the weight I was trying to shed while still maintaining the rest of my health.

Generally, this is pretty hard to do with any other diet programs: Golo actually worked.

Here’s what I thought of the Golo Diet overall, and what it could do for your health.

Try This if You’ve Tried Everything Else

If you’re anything like me and you’ve cycled your way through several diets to try and achieve results without any decent success, it’s time to switch to a different diet entirely. If no other diet got you the results that you wanted, it’s time to try something different – and for me, that something different turned out to be the Golo Diet, and it also turned out to be one of the best things I could do.

Within just a few weeks, I already started seeing some good results with the Golo Diet program.

It’s Approved by Dietary Specialists

A lot of the diet programs out there won’t deliver the results they promise to. Some of the other diet programs available out there haven’t been tested or approved – and they can do a lot of harm to your health if you continue with them for too long. The Golo Diet is one I was happy to show to my doctor and they agreed that it might work: The same way, you can show the Golo Diet to your doctor and they can recommend how to follow the Golo plan best.

When you’re using the Golo Diet plan, you can do it knowing that it’s been checked and approved by dietary specialists, with the best additional products to supplement their recommendations.

This is a claim that most diet plans might try to make, but can’t back up with expert research. Golo has gone far enough to provide you with the right information so that you can rest assured your diet plan is a safer one.

Great for Several Dietary Goals

The Golo Diet is practical for several different dietary goals. If you’re taking it to improve your overall health, it should work great for you – and if you’re taking it to lose weight or just maintain your current weight it should work just as great for you too.

Most other diet plans are only suited to one specific use or dietary goal – e.g. “I want to lose X amount of pounds” – whereas the Golo Diet focuses on creating a healthier lifestyle instead. This is one of the first things that makes it superior to a lot of other comparative diet plans and programs that you might have tried before.

It’s Practical Over Trendy

Diets are about as trendy as fashion and the “main diet” everyone around you seems to be following will change around every year. Following the trendy diets of the year aren’t good for your health and they’re only going to have you feeling disappointed in your results or lack thereof.

The Golo Diet program is one of the few ones I’ve seen that focuses on being practical and healthy rather than trendy. This is one of the most important things when choosing a diet to meet your needs.

It’s a Diet That Meets Your Needs

Speaking of meeting your needs, this is exactly what the Golo Diet plan did for me. My family is prone to fast weight gain and associated issues like cholesterol because of it, and my first goal was getting rid of a few pounds to reduce my risk and live a healthier life: My second goal was being able to maintain this weight – and the ability to be more active and exercise more to do it.

The Golo plan met each of these needs perfectly. And I’m sure it can do the same for you even if your needs are a little bit different to what mine were when I started.

Golo Inspires Healthier Living

Most diet plans feel just like a diet plan, and this means that you can forget about them and go on with your life within a few weeks of beginning with them. The Golo diet plan feels less like a diet plan and more like a decent way to eat, and that’s the magic of why it works well. It doesn’t feel nearly as restrictive as a diet, and it focuses on what you can eat rather than what you aren’t supposed to.

Covers Cravings

A lot of diets will treat cravings as public enemy number one. No snacks, no candy, no cravings. The Golo Diet doesn’t approach weight loss and healthier living in the same way as any other diets you’ll find: Instead of banning the natural craving urge into the darkness of the abyss, it allows you to snack as you normally would – it just makes you snack on much healthier things.

Continue After Losing the Weight

One reason why I love the Golo Diet plan so much is the fact that you can continue with the plan even after you have achieved your initial dietary goal. If you initially prescribed to the plan in order to lose weight, you can stick with it after and you’ll still see good results.

The Golo plan is aimed at how you can learn to be healthier for the long run instead of just achieving the typical once-off kind of results you see with many other diet plans out there

There’s No Dietary Crash

The worst thing for most people who have just switched over to a new diet is the “dietary crash” that hits you for the first few days (and sometimes as much as the first few weeks) of a new diet. This is the part where your body tries to get used to the new diet, and it can be a pretty painful period where you experience things like dehydration, headaches and a range of stomach issues.

The Golo diet has been designed by dietary experts and works to better your health. This also means that there’s no associated “dietary crash” that’ll make you feel horrid while you adapt to the diet: Their plan has been worked out to give you everything your diet needs at the right time.

Product Pros:

Here are some of the reasons why I’m still recommending the Golo Diet plan to people.

  • It doesn’t feel like a diet.
    One of the best things about the Golo Diet is the fact that it doesn’t feel like a strict diet plan in the traditional sense. Instead, it feels more like a very carefully worked up supplemental meal plan that helps you to feel better (and teaches you how to live better in several different steps).

    If you’re tired of the average diet and you want to try something that might actually work, the Golo Diet plan ranks pretty high up for effectiveness.
  • It explains everything properly.
    The Golo diet plan doesn’t leave you in the dark when it comes to things like calorie count or meal prep. Everything is explained and explained properly, with some additional resources you can download if you need some extra help. They also happen to have a great customer support team if you need anything else.
  • It lets you snack.
    The Golo diet plan allows for snacking, where a lot of other diet plans won’t let you do it. This makes it feel a little more natural – and it makes you feel a lot better while following the diet itself.

Product Cons:

Here are a few things that I thought could have improved about their product.

  • Some dietary restrictions.
    If there are any ingredients you have to cut out of your diet that are included in the Golo Diet plans, you have to remove these ingredients yourself and adjust accordingly. Common allergens are in here, so be sure to double check if you have serious restrictions or allergies.
  • Where’s the live help?
    One feature I would have preferred to see part of this diet plan is the option of live help on the website: What if I have questions about the meal I’m about to eat right now and can’t wait an hour for a response from the customer support team?
  • Adjustment counters would have helped.

Another thing that I would have liked to see on the website is adjustment counters; if you’d like to figure out the calorie count for what a smaller portion is, you’ll have to adjust these yourself – and rather than reach for a calculator, I would have liked to just go to their website.

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December 11, 2019 12:55 am

After taking pill this afternoon (after my lunch) I once again started to feel “top heavy” and my blood pressure had gone up. Also, once again, the top section of my abdomen had become extended (bloated) and my mid section was very tight. I have also noticed that my numbers ( I am diabetic) have been all over the place since starting this program about 1.5 weeks ago. I thought perhaps it was other factors as I’ve been battling a cold, however, after the dosing today, I am 100% positive I am reacting to this pill. I called the 800 number indicating my concerns and was asked what I’m experiencing and was advised that I would be emailed a return label with instructions and would be able to return product for full refund. I will do as instructed and await full refund.

March 5, 2020 11:52 am
Reply to  GINA BARTA

Having the same experience!