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One of the guys part of our miniature scale painting club recommended Mighty Sight glasses after noticing that I was letting some of the finer details slip due to eye problems. The idea behind Mighty Sight is wearing them over your regular prescription glasses – and it provides extra magnification and light so that you can actually see what you’re doing.

Here’s what I thought about Mighty Sight – and why I’ve been recommending them to everyone else.

Fits Over Regular Glasses

The first great thing about the Mighty Sight glasses it the fact that they fit right over your regular prescription glasses. That’s a good thing, because Mighty Sight glasses are designed to work as extra magnification – not as daily eyewear or reading glasses.

Considerable Magnification

Mighty Sight glasses gives you a magnification level of 160% which means that it’s more than large enough to see exactly what you’re doing when you need to. Straining your eyes trying to thread a needle? You could use Might Sight glasses and you’ll see exactly what you’re doing. It can make a lot of simple tasks a whole lot easier.

It’s Great for Scale Painting

Scale painting is an increasingly popular hobby, and the first question for most people new to it is how on earth you see what you’re doing. The Mighty Sight is great for the additional magnification that you could use when you’re doing any kind of scale painting – miniatures can get pretty darn small, and with glasses, I know exactly what I’m doing.

Excellent for Detailed Work

The Mighty Sight set of glasses can be used for a lot more than just scale painting. It’s just as great for any other task around the house that might require closer attention to detail. Whether I’m trying to clean up around the house and could use the extra light or whether I’m trying to find a screw or miniature bit that I’ve dropped in bad lighting, I always make sure that my Mighty Sight glasses are within reach.

Can Help Save Your Eyes

Working with any kind of fine detail under bad lighting will eventually ruin your eyes: Using Mighty Sight glasses as an aid for these tasks around the house is a great way to help save your sight. When you can see what you’re doing and there’s some kind of light enhancement, you are much less likely to strain your eyes – and this might even drop your likelihood of developing headaches from needing to do regular scale work.

Not Harsh Lighting

The Mighty Sight glasses come with two mounted LED lights on the side: These are mounted so that they give you just enough light projecting forward so that you can see what you need to. You can turn the lights on and off as you need them, and the lights don’t interrupt your peripheral vision.

Lenses are Easy to Clean

A lot of glasses and goggles, especially ones used for industrial tasks, are extremely hard to clean properly – and many of them will develop fine scratches on the surface from too much exposure to dust on cleaning cloths, even if you’re careful. The Mighty Sight set has been made well enough to be easy to clean and repeated use has proved that it stands up well.

It’s a Comfortable Fit

Anyone who has ever worn prescription glasses or goggles will tell you that they can be a very uncomfortable fit. I’m glad to report that even when wearing the Mighty Sight for an extended period of time, I’ve found that it’s a pretty comfortable fit that doesn’t strain the ears or press on the bridge of the nose in a weird way.

Don’t Misunderstand What It’s Really For

Don’t wear Mighty Sight glasses for your everyday “I need to see better” tasks – that’s what your reading glasses are for. Instead, use your Mighty Sight glasses for everything else: The things where you need better lighting, or the really fine things like threading a needle (or in my case, mostly scale painting).

Some of the reviews about Mighty Sight have been negative, and it’s mostly from people who didn’t use it in the right way or for the right things.

Offers Dual Lighting

Mighty Sight glasses offers dual lighting on either side of your face – without the light being in your eyes. They’ve put some more thought into light that isn’t harsh: A lot of head goggles have lamps that are far too bright and are more in the way than anything, where I’ve found that Mighty Sight gives just enough.

Product Pros:

  • It’s made for anyone who needs to see small details.
    Of course, I love the Mighty Sight glasses for scale painting, although they’re great for any task where you need to see smaller details more accurately whether you need to thread a needle or paint a tiny tree.
  • Made from quality materials.
    As long as you don’t step on, drop or sit on your Mighty Sight glasses, they should be fine for a long time to come. It’s made from high quality materials, which is why I keep recommending them to scale painting newbies.
  • Works great in low or bad lighting.

Mighty Sight glasses work especially well in any low or bad lighting.

Product Cons:

  • The frame could have been stronger.
    Yes, the Mighty Sight is made from high quality materials – but this doesn’t mean that it’s even close to unbreakable. I would have liked to see this product with a stronger frame – at the very least, one that bounces when you drop it.
  • Always keep replacement LED lights for regular use.
    If you work with your Mighty Sight glasses regularly, you’ll want to make sure that you always have replacement LED lights to go with it. This isn’t something they state in the ad or packaging, but something I’ve learned from using them.
  • Take care with the lenses.

Always take special care with your Mighty Sight lenses, especially where you’re working with things like heat or paint. Never put it where it can get dirty (with in my case, paint) or fall.

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