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The need for probiotics as part of my daily health first became apparent to me after stomach surgery two years ago: During the recovery period, the doctor prescribed probiotics in order to bring my digestive health back up to scratch after having major surgery – and after this, I continued using probiotics afterwards to keep my digestive system in peak health.

Peptiva was one of the first brands recommended by my doctor. Here’s why I found Peptiva useful – and why it might even work for you.

Peptiva Has Been Clinically Validated

A lot of health products and supplements haven’t been properly verified to work by doctors, specialists and scientists. Peptiva was the first one that my doctor recommended because it’s one of the options that has been clinically validated and properly tested. This means that it’s tested against side-effects and contraindications, and the effect that the product promises is the effect that you’ll have from taking it.

Recommended for Better Sleep

Most probiotics on the market are only good for one use – and while that use is vital for your health, Peptiva is one of the few probiotics on the market that also has added additional benefits. If you take Peptiva, you’re also ingesting ingredients like Valerian root, which can help your body to produce the right hormones that make you sleep better.

If you have regular issues with insomnia or whether your sleep-related issues are diagnosed as temporary ones, taking Peptiva is a great way to get back to a healthy, regular sleep routine.

Restores the Digestive System

The first reason anyone takes probiotics is to restore their digestive system back to health, usually after medication, illness or surgery – and Peptiva ticks all the boxes as a great health product that can help to get your digestive system working the way it should after you’ve been through a rough time.

If your doctor or trainer has recommended probiotics (or you’d just like to better your general digestive health), taking Peptiva makes for a great start.

Can Boost the Immunity Naturally

Peptiva is a great supplement to take if you would like to boost your immune system in a healthy and natural way. This is great for if you suffer with any type of chronic condition that affects how well your immune system works in general – and it’s also just as great if you’re recovering from a specific illness or want to boost your immunity and avoid the flu of the season.

Helps You to Detox

There are a lot of reasons why someone might want to detox, and that reason doesn’t always have anything to do with losing weight. I started realizing how important a regular detox was after surgery – and a lot of people who aren’t trying to lose weight are told to do the same for better health. Peptiva contains several probiotics, which helps you to detox.


Most types of probiotic supplements that you can buy are single strain – and this is fine, but this isn’t nearly as much benefit as you can possibly get. Peptiva put some more work into it and made this into a multi-strain probiotic supplement that gives you the benefits of several different strains, which is much better for your overall digestive health.

Made from Natural Ingredients

The best natural products on the market have to be exactly as natural as the label promises. With Peptiva, you can have the assurance that you’re taking something entirely natural – with no added preservatives that can clash with the health benefits of the product. These days, you can’t say the same for a lot of other health-related products available on the market.

Eases Symptoms like Constipation

Constipation and stomach upsets are chronic for some people, but for most of us they only happen occasionally – and can usually be traced down to stress that affects you physically, something that you’ve changed in your diet or something that you recently ate.

A Useful Aid for Chronic Conditions

While most people don’t have chronic health conditions, an increasing number do: And digestive issues can affect your health in every single way. If you have any kind of chronic health condition that affects your digestive system, you should do everything that you can to better your health – and probiotics on top of a healthy diet is a great way to make a new start.

Supplements a Healthy Life

Taking Peptiva is one way to supplement a general routine for a healthier life. It’s never too late to start taking care of your health, and taking Peptiva is an excellent first step. Combine it with enough exercise, regular doctor’s appointments and a healthy diet if you want to make sure you’re in better health.

Probiotics Are Essential

An increasing amount of research done into probiotics show that an imbalance in the body can lead to all sorts of other related health issues that are far more vast than we initially thought. As it turns out, digestive issues can cause everything from back pain through to serious clinical depression – and probiotics are an essential part of your health if you want to counter symptoms that can arise from your digestive system being unhappy.

Contains Valerian Root Extract

Peptiva is especially great because it contains Valerian root extract: This isn’t an ingredient that you’re going to find in most probiotics on the market, but it’s one that can be extremely good for preserving your overall health. At the same time, it’s also great for restoring you back to your natural sleep cycle – and for helping to produce the hormones that help you sleep.

Boosts Your Health After Serious Illnesses

If you’ve been ill recently or you’ve just recovered from the most recent bout of flu that’s been going around, you need to do what you can to boost your health and stop yourself from getting sick again in the near future. Peptiva is a great way to boost your health in a natural way when you’re still in the recovery phase of any kind of illness.

Also Contains Melatonin

Valerian root extract isn’t the only added ingredient that you’ll find in Peptiva. You can also find another essential ingredient, Melatonin, added to the mix. It’s a great ingredient to take separately, often prescribed for stress conditions and sleep-related disorders – and the fact that it’s included in Peptiva gives you a better all-round benefit.

Product Pros

Still wondering why you should take Peptiva rather than any other brand of natural probiotic supplement on the market? Here are some of the reasons why I prefer to take Peptiva.

  • It’s been clinically tested by experts.
    Peptiva has been clinically tested and verified to work by experts. This is a very important guarantee in a world where most of the supplements you’ll find haven’t been properly tested before they hit the market. When you take Peptiva, you have the guarantee that you’re taking a product that’s guaranteed to be for the benefit of your health.
  • It’s a great multi-use probiotic.
    Most types of probiotic supplements available on the market contain only one type of probiotic. This is great for most people, but you can get so much more out of your probiotic supplement if you’re taking one that contains more than just a single strain.

    Peptiva is a great multi-purpose probiotic that can help you to better your health,, and it also contains the benefits of Valelrian root extract and melatonin to ensure a great comprehensive effect for your health.
  • It can help to restore your health.
    Peptiva is a great way to restore your digestive system back to health, and the first thing you’ll notice is that it has a great impact on the rest of your health at the same time. This is because of the fact that probiotics are one of the best things that you can take to improve your health, especially when you can combine it with the right things.

    If you’re at any point in your life where you want to achieve better health (no matter what your reasons might be!), it’s likely that you can benefit from using Peptiva.

Product Cons

Even the world’s leading products have some cons and side-effects. Here are a few things that I noticed when taking Peptiva that you should know about if you have never taken it before.

  • Added Thirst
    It’s a good and healthy thing to take probiotics every day, but they can have some other effects on your health that can strike you as a side-effect if you aren’t used to taking it just yet. In the beginning stages of adding probiotics to your diet, you might notice that you’re thirsty more often: In this case, it’s your body trying to stock up on hydration and nutrients – go with it and remember to increase your fluid intake.
  • Limited Forms Available
    Peptiva should be available as a tablet, shake, powder and effervescent – but it’s not and you can only find it in a certain amount of forms. If you don’t like taking it this way, there’s not much of an alternative for now.
  • Initial Stomach Upset
    New to taking probiotics? The first few days to the first week can leave you with flatulence and a slightly upset stomach. For the most part, this is a temporary side-effect that goes away once your body has gotten used to it, but in the case that it doesn’t, see your doctor before continuing to take any supplements that might be behind it.
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