SkinnyFit Detox Reviews

Why I Love SkinnyFit Detox

I first heard about the SkinnyFit range of products from a friend of mine right after we attended a big work dinner at a local steakhouse. She noticed that I was reaching for the heartburn medication immediately after we ate, and she told me to try SkinnyFit and let her know if it made any difference.

I have to admit that I was pretty reluctant at first. It was still in the first three months of the year and I’d already tried three different diets – including the keto diet – to both try and lose weight and work my way up to a better lifestyle. Diets and exercise plans weren’t doing the trick by themselves, and I realized that it was time to try something else.

That something else was SkinnyFit Detox, and I can honestly say that I’m glad I tried it. It’s about four months later and I’m still using their range to feel better. Now, I have way more energy than I used to – and I can go out and enjoy a full meal without having to worry about what it’s going to do to my body the next day.

SkinnyFit Detox even had some other health benefits beyond this, including the immune system boost I needed to feel better.

It’s Great Because It’s Tea

I don’t like drinking shakes; honestly, I just don’t, and no amount of “goodness” can convince me to consume a lot of what’s available on the market either because of the taste or texture. The same isn’t true when it comes to tea: I can happily drink a few glasses or mugs of tea per day and I’m perfectly fine with it. I like SkinnyFit detox because it’s a natural, herbal tea that doesn’t taste half bad. I also love the fact that it’s not obvious as a “health drink”, so I don’t have to answer any uncomfortable wellness questions when I’m just drinking my daily tea.

Different Flavors Available

SkinnyFit Detox is pretty versatile, and that’s one of the reasons why I’ve kept it as part of my daily routine. There are different flavors available across their range of products, so if you don’t like the taste of one product, there’s another one to switch to. If you’re someone who does love shakes (I just don’t!), you can even mix it into your regular health shake every day, and a lot of my friends do.

You’re guaranteed to find a flavor you like in the SkinnyFit range even if you’re particularly fussy about flavor and texture. It’s tea, which is part of what makes it a great product.

There’s an Entire Range of Products

SkinnyFit Detox was the product that I started with, and it’s the one that you should be drinking if you want to clear your body of toxins. Everyone needs that once in a while, and there’s nothing wrong with drinking the Detox blend every day – but I also found out within the first week that there are more products part of the range, and I had to try some of them too.

Some of their products are aimed at increasing energy, others at helping you relax and sleep – or dealing with the most common types of snack cravings that you’ll get on a diet. All of them worked just as well as the Detox option, and I’ll recommend all of them on their own, or even taken as a combination.

Their “Snack Attack” product is ideal for day-to-day when taken with the tea, and it didn’t work the way that I expected. Instead of killing the cravings, Snack Attack allows you to go with the cravings and still eat when you like. You’ll just feel a lot better after doing it.

It’s for More Than Weight Loss

I originally started to take Skinnyfit Detox because I wanted to control my weight. I was tired of ups-and-downs when I looked at the scale every week – and I decided that I wanted to be more active after seeing my mother struggle with her heart and health for years. I didn’t want to follow the same route she did, and it all started with taking SkinnyFit.

I soon discovered that it was for a lot more than just weight loss. It also did a lot for keeping my metabolism in check, and for giving my immunity a boost when I needed it.

It’s a great range of products to include to your routine even if you just want to stay healthier instead of having to lose weight.

It Helps to Keep You Healthier

It almost goes without saying that I needed a product that was for more than just losing weight. I wanted to see (and feel) my general health improve. Of course, it worked, and that’s why I both keep using the product and would be ready to recommend it to anyone else. Just a few weeks after starting to take SkinnyFit Detox I noticed that I was feeling better, performing better and actually had the energy to do what I wanted – including exercising and going out more.

No Added Stimulant Ingredients

A lot of supposed tea blends on the market will promise you the world – and a range of different health benefits – but the products will usually contain either stimulants or artificial preservatives. SkinnyFit is great because it’s a healthy and natural tea blend, and that’s it.

There are no stimulant ingredients, but it still manages to give you a great natural energy boost that helps to get you through the day better.

Filled with Antioxidants

The added inclusion of goji berries as an ingredient means that SkinnyFit Detox herbal tea blends are for more than just relaxation or losing weight. The product is also filled with antioxidants that are essential for staying in good health. These help to rid your body of toxins, and they also help your immune system to perform better. It’s part of the essential detox-routine, and it’s not an ingredient that all detox-blends out there contains.

Like Green Tea, but Want More?

If you already love green tea but want some even more added benefits on top of what green tea has to offer, you should give the SkinnyFit range of products a try. I love green tea on the best of days, but you can only drink so much of it – and the SkinnyFit range gives me more than enough room and freedom to experiment when it comes to my daily drink. It doesn’t get boring after a few weeks of it, and that really helps when it comes to health products.

No Odd Side-Effects

Other than the stimulants that they add to some type of tea blends, many type of health products and blends out there on the market will contain weird side-effects – and I’m glad this isn’t the same for SkinnyFit and their range. I can’t guarantee that the product will work for everyone, but I can say that it worked for me, and had no weird side-effects.

It Helps for an Overall Healthier Lifestyle

The last great thing worth mentioning about the SkinnyFit range of products is the fact that it helps you to maintain your lifestyle instead of being just a one-goal diet product. It’s great when combined with a regular exercise routine and eating healthy, and you can even add your other regular supplements to the list and it’ll work.

Product Pros:

  • It’s versatile
    The versatility of SkinnyFit means that I can take it every day without it getting tedious or boring, and the amount of products in their range helps me feel like I have several options when deciding which tea to start my day with.
  • It’s available in several flavors
    Many diet products are restrictive and only available in two or three (usually terrible) varieties. SkinnyFit tastes great, at least to me, and several flavors are available if you decide that you don’t like the taste of one type.
  • It’s filled with all the good stuff and less of the bad
    SkinnyFit guarantees healthy and natural ingredients, and that’s exactly what you get out of it. No preservatives, additives or stimulants – just good tea.

Product Cons:

  • Doesn’t work for everyone
    I’ve recommended the SkinnyFit range of products to all my friends; of the ones that tried it, there were about two that reported it didn’t do enough for them.
  • The added diuretic effect
    Because of the added berry content, SkinnyFit can have an added diuretic effect. Don’t drink too much of it or you’ll be running to the bathroom for the first few days.
  • Can cause bloating if you drink too much of it
    Eight glasses of water per day is a guideline, and it applies to things like fruit juice and tea, too. But too much SkinnyFit can, just like any other liquid, make you feel bloated if you drink too many cups after one another. Pace yourself, and don’t just up your fluid intake overnight.
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