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Very few people I know are naturally happy with their teeth from the beginning of their lives through to the end. You can ask anyone in Hollywood if they’re completely happy with your teeth or you can ask anyone in the office and their answer is going to be the same: Nope.

I’ve always had a few things about my teeth that bothered me, including a few teeth that have been misaligned since I was seventeen. It’s one of those things that I’ve always said that I’ll get fixed (and one of the things that I couldn’t help but notice every time that I looked in a mirror) but never got around to.

Like I’d imagine most other people feel about it, I didn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars to have to see a dentist: I definitely didn’t want to go through months worth of pain and trauma to fix it. Most people don’t have the courage or the time for months worth of straightening and several dentist’s appointments to have their teeth straightened.

A friend told me about Smile Direct Club as an alternative, and I figured that I had nothing to lose by giving it a shot.

Here’s how Smile Direct Club worked for me – and why it could be one of the best home teeth straightening treatments out there if you want a professional treatment without having to go to the dentist for several appointments.

It’s a Rapid-Solution Treatment

If you choose the traditional route and see your dentist for straightening treatment, there are several different situations that could be facing you from there. The first one is braces – of which there are different types – and the second one is surgical straightening, which many people choose as a faster solution, but that comes with a much larger amount of pain and discomfort than braces.

Smile Direct Club is a rapid solution treatment: It doesn’t take nearly as long as braces, and it’s something that you can do in the comfort of your own home without having to worry about spending months wearing braces or recovering from surgery that could have been avoided. It’s the first reason why I’ll continue recommending it to anyone who decides that they want to straighten their teeth.

Smile Direct Club Has Been Overseen By an Expert

A lot of dental treatments that you’ll find for sale on the internet haven’t been designed from the right angle, and most of these haven’t been checked out by an expert from the design through to the production line – and yes, this means that a great deal of the whitening and straightening treatments available aren’t safe to use.

Smile Direct Club has been overseen by an expert to ensure that it’s completely legitimate – and as safe as it can be. Most comparative treatments available on the internet don’t come with this guarantee and their use aren’t nearly as reassuring.

No Pain Solution

Straightening is usually uncomfortable, painful and a nightmare from start to finish. Sometimes they don’t even give you the results that you were looking for at the end of this painful process. That’s pretty disappointing, and it describes the situation for a lot of people who might already have spent thousands on dental treatments that didn’t give them what they felt they needed.

Smile Direct Club offers you a solution with as little as possible discomfort and almost no pain. This is one of the best reasons to use it.

Works and Works Well

A lot of professional straightening treatments (including the use of braces for several months at a time) don’t give you the results you were looking for by the end of the treatment, and the same is unfortunately true for a great deal of straightening treatments you can use at home.

One of the most important reasons why Smile Direct Club is a great option for anyone is because of the fact that it works and it works well. What you get out of the use of the product is exactly what you expect when you get it.

No Chemicals, No Surgery, No Problem

The majority of dental straightening treatments give you the option of discomfort for several weeks to months, or you have the option of getting surgery to remedy the same problem, which can have months of recovery time anyway and involves a lot more pain than is necessary for fixing a minor issue.

Smile Direct Club is a low maintenance solution that doesn’t take a lot of effort or a lot of time, and it doesn’t need surgery or chemicals. The same isn’t true for most other treatments out there, and this means another point for Smile Direct above anything else I’ve tried.

Great for Straightening Gradually

Straightening isn’t something that happens overnight, and it’s not something that you should ever expect to. That’s just not the way it works. Smile Direct Club works by straightening the targeted teeth in a more gradual way, although still being faster than other straightening treatments like the use of braces.

A Safer Professional Quality Procedure

We all know that home dental treatments have been getting pretty bad publicity – and with very good reason Most of them haven’t been tested and trialed, and they haven’t even been designed with the safety or health of their customers in mind.

But Smile Direct Club is a safer type of home procedure that can give you a professional quality result – and that’s another reason why I’ll recommend it to anyone who feels like they have specific dental needs they’d rather cater for at home.

A Professional Procedure – At Home

Professional straightening treatments are expensive, inconvenient and painful. Smile Direct Club allows you to have a professional treatment in the comfort of your own home without having to spend the time traveling and waiting – or the money you could have used better somewhere else.

Everything is Included

Everything you need to perform the home straightening procedure is included when you buy the package. There’s nothing else you’ll have to order on top of this to do the job: There’s nothing more frustrating than having to stop halfway through using a new product to find out you should have ordered something extra and they didn’t tell you.

Smile Direct Club includes everything.

Faster and Safer Than Other Products

There are other products that promise to do the same job for you at home, but very few of them actually do and some of them are dangerous to use. Some of them might even destroy your teeth or create issues that weren’t there before.

Smile Direct Club guarantees that they’re faster and safer than other products on the market, and it’s a fact that they can back up with expert opinions, reviews and research – which is something that a lot of other products on the market can’t attest to.

Other Products in the Range

There are a few other products within the Smile Direct Club range. One of these products includes a lip balm meant for better oral health. Remember to take a look at the rest of their product range too: It doesn’t begin and end just at a whitening product!

Product Pros:

  • It’s a pretty fast procedure compared to anything else.
    Most procedures out there that do the same job (whether home or in a dentist’s surgery) can take months out of your life. Smile Direct Club allows you to get the very same results you would from a professional treatment, but at home and at your own pace. It’s faster than most treatments of the same type, and that’s one of the biggest possible benefits of the product.
  • It’s easy to do.
    There’s no need to read a massively complicated manual to figure out what you’re doing. Smile Direct Club explains everything from start to finish – and there are accompanying resources if you have any trouble figuring it out.
  • It’s a lot safer than other comparative treatments.
    Many other treatments haven’t been trialed or tested properly. This means that nobody alive should ever get to use them. The same isn’t true for Smile Direct Club, that has actually been checked by experts before it got to market.

Product Cons:

  • Not for everyone.
    Smile Direct Club just isn’t for everyone and there are several reasons why it might not work for you. If the product doesn’t work the way you expect it to, then one of the traditional treatments might be better for you.
  • Always read the instructions.
    Always read the instructions for the product even if you think that you know what you’re doing. In most cases, reading the instructions is safer anyway – and it applies here.
  • There are some things it won’t fix.
    Smile Direct Club treatment assumes that the problems you need to correct are minor, and it can help with the majority of straightening needs. But having said this, there are a few things that will be too severe for the Smile Direct Club treatment that might still need the intervention of a professional dentist or dental surgeon (such as teeth misplacement due to more serious structural jaw issues)
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