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After our regular hour-long exercise session, my yoga instructor recommended that I see a nutritionist – and from there, the nutritionist recommended that I make some changes to my diet, including switching out unhealthy cholesterol for healthier fats, including more green ingredients and adding especially beets to my diet. They could, apparently, give me the energy that I had been looking for.

I protested. “But I don’t like beets.”

I could handle celery sticks. I could handle less fat. I could even give up cheeseburgers. But I could not get myself to eat beets. I’ve never liked them, and the hatred for them continued from childhood well up until now.

“Try SuperBeets.” was her suggestion. It contains all of the great stuff that you would find in beetroot, but you don’t have to deal with the horrid taste – and it contains a lot of added benefits too.

Of course, I ordered some immediately – and it’s been working for me ever since.

It’s a Great Energy Boost

A complete and total lack of energy used to be one of my biggest daily issues: Even though I was getting enough sleep – and more than enough sleep on off days and weekends – I still felt as tired as ever. After a few months of this, I was barely functional and couldn’t keep my eyes open at work. SuperBeets helped for this, and at least my yoga instructor had been right about that. On our next session she said that I already looked better – and I had to admit that I’d finally tried SuperBeets and it worked.

If you struggle to get yourself going in the morning or if you find yourself feeling way too tired through the middle of the day or afternoon, don’t reach for stimulants like caffeine – try supplements like SuperBeets first.

If you need a little more of an energy boost than this, try SuperBeets Energy Plus – it contains green tea caffeine alongside the other ingredients for anyone who considers caffeine an essential part of their day.

Sensitive to Most Supplements?

The potential side-effects of supplements makes for an unusually long list – and if you’re like me and sensitive to the majority of different supplements out there, you can’t take just anything available on the market. I’ve taken a lot of supplements that didn’t work for me. Some of them even had me hugging the toilet for several hours – and that was the end of that.

I’m very glad to say that I never experienced issues with SuperBeets. It contains all-natural ingredients sourced from the right places, and there are no weird side-effects – at least none that I experienced.

My body is more sensitive to most things, including supplements. That’s why I was so glad to finally find something that actually works for me with no added side-effects.

It’s Great for Circulation Issues

If you have any temperature regulation or circulation issues (either because of a health condition or because of older sports injuries that occasionally bother you), then you should do what you can when it comes to increasing your circulation. This means that things like massage and yoga become essential for taking care of yourself – and who says that you can’t offer your body a little more help in terms of taking the right supplements?

SuperBeets works great for improving circulation, and I felt the difference in just a few days of taking it. While I’d normally have a lot of issues with pain after a heavy burst of exercise, I coped much better after incorporating SuperBeets, and I’m even able to schedule an extra yoga appointment per week and finally go out with friends just because I have the energy to do it.

Great for Regulating Blood Pressure

My family has a long history of high blood pressure issues, and I know that I can’t take any chances when it comes to my heart health. It’s why I signed up for yoga classes instead of the usual cardio – and it’s why I have my heart checked out on a regular basis. My doctor asked what I had changed in the time since our last appointment: He could see that something had made a difference to my health – but what?

I told him about SuperBeets, and since then he’s started taking it himself and recommending it to some of his patients. I laughed when he told me that he knew about the benefits of beetroot, but hated the taste himself.

Adding SuperBeets to your health in combination with your existing medical treatment can do a lot for regulating your blood pressure and keeping your heart in good condition from there.

Individual Packs for Travelling

Supplements (especially powdered ones) usually don’t come in individual packs, and that’s a nightmare when you’re off to the gym and have to measure it out and then find something to throw it into so you can take it along. Who wants to carry around a bottle full of supplements the whole time? Nobody and not ever.

I like how SuperBeets makes individual serving packs. It’s great for travelling, and it’s even great for recommending the product to someone else. I always make sure that I have some SuperBeets with me wherever I go.

It’s Nothing Like Beetroot

Beetroot is one of the best known superfoods, and the health benefits really are endless. But like I’ve already mentioned, I really can’t stand the taste – and my doctor and I aren’t the only people who feel this way about it! If you really don’t like beetroot but want to have the health benefits of the plant, there’s no better way to include it in your diet than SuperBeets.

It tastes absolutely nothing like beetroot. I’d say that’s a plus. Sure, I would have preferred more flavors than just apple and the different types of cherry, but at least I can stand it a whole lot more than the taste of beets.

Concentrated Benefits and Then Some

It’s called SuperBeets because it’s what beetroot would be if it were bitten by a radioactive spider. Well, not quite, but you get the idea. SuperBeets takes all of the good stuff in beetroot, removes the actual taste of beetroot from it (yay!) and then concentrates the health benefits in one easy supplement.

It improves circulation, it’s great for your heart and it’s great for increasing your immune system when your body needs it. Since I’ve started taking SuperBeets, I can say that I’ve been affected by the seasonal flu far less. That’s totally worth it in my book.

Added Nutrition

SuperBeets also contains added nutritional benefits that can help you get closer to the amount of vitamins and minerals that you need in your diet every day. It’s as good as a multi-vitamin, but slightly better – and the added nutrition makes the daily energy boost that your body craves easier to get. Plus, it’s healthier than snacking when used as part of a larger health routine.

Specialized Options Available

There’s more than the usual SuperBeets product part of the brand. If you have more specialized needs, then there’s a product to suit you part of the range. For energy, try Energy Plus – and for the immune system, they also have SuperBeets Immune. Each of these products have their own individual benefits and just that added extra “something” that your body needs right then and there to be healthier.

Great for the Skin

I noticed the difference in my health within just a few days of starting to take SuperBeets – and I even noticed a difference in other parts of my body including my skin. Suddenly, my skin was radiant – and it was so great for my skin that I could cut out my regular skin cream and my skin still looked great.

Benefits Concentration When You Need it Most

SuperBeets is a great product to take for concentration: I noticed that I performed better throughout the day when it came to smaller tasks, things that I wouldn’t even have spotted about myself otherwise. I was even inspired to pick up a few new hobbies just because my focus finally caught up.

Product Pros

  • Compliments other treatments
    I like SuperBeets because it compliments my other treatments, like yoga and the diet I follow, instead of working against it like some supplements on the market.
  • It’s as good as eating them – but better
    SuperBeets’ goodness is right in the name. It’s just as good as eating beets, but you don’t have to deal with the vegetable – or the taste. You don’t have to think up a thousand beetroot-related meals. Just take the supplement.
  • Great for a morning boost
    SuperBeets is great for a morning boost, and it can even replace the tons of morning coffee that it usually takes you to get going,

Product Cons

  • Don’t like cherry flavored anything? Whoops
    If you don’t like cherry flavored things, you might have a problem with SuperBeets. There’s apple, but I’d have liked to see a few more types of flavors on the market.
  • It’s Grainy
    A lot of people out there are very sensitive to texture. If that describes you, then you might have an issue with the fact that SuperBeets is always grainy – if you mix it into shake, this might weird you out at first.
  • It’s Still Beets Coming Out
    Well, if you’ve ever eaten beetroot, you’ll know that it can color everything that comes out of you red. The same, unfortunately, happens when you take SuperBeets. There’s nothing you can do about this, really, except get used to it if you take the product often. Is there nothing they can do about this?
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